Is your outdoor living area winterized?

The Charlotte area has already experienced our first cold snap of the fall and winter season, with temperatures dropping into the 30s, creating overnight frost advisories. When the cold temperatures come on quick, it can be hard to remember the list of prep tasks that need to get done

  • Drain and cap your spigots
  • protect exposed pipes
  • drain hoses
  • cover plants
  • tune up heating systems
  • clean chimneys
  • inspect gas fireplaces

The list goes on and on. One space that can easily be overlooked is your outdoor living area. With many families spending more time at home, the outdoor oasis emerged as a top item on home improvement and renovation wish lists in 2020 and 2021.

Before the frost wreaks havoc on your spaces, here are our top recommendations to help you prep those outdoor spaces you’ve invested in to make sure they are winterized and prepped for the off-season.

Winterize Your Irrigation

With hot summers like the ones we have here in North Carolina, many homeowners opt for in-ground irrigation systems. To protect your sprinkler lines during cold snaps, make sure to turn off your system timers, cut off your water supply, and drain your water lines. If your system runs off a lake pump remember to winterize the pump as well.

Once the lines are drained, insulate your above ground components. Make sure to check your system’s user manual for any special instructions for draining or reach out to your lawn care company to help you get the job done right.

Winterize Your Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on the components in your setup, you’ll want to make sure that you take time to winterize your outdoor kitchen to protect sinks, drains, and appliances like beverage coolers and ice makers.

Be sure to drain water and supply lines and winterize your outdoor appliances according to instruction manuals or in partnership with a trusted electrician or plumber.

Winterize Your Pool  

While the idea of a winter polar plunge might be fun, pool troubles next summer won’t be. Here are a few reminders as you work to winterize your pool ahead of freezing tips and frost advisories.

  • Remove toys and accessories
  • Deep clean the pool and adjust water chemistry
  • Drain your pool equipment and pool lines and plug them, as necessary
  • Treat your pool with shock and algecide and then cover

Winterize Your Outdoor Shower

Noting feels quite as good as an outdoor shower after a day by the pool or on the lake. If you’ve got an outdoor shower stall, or even a rinsing station near your dock. Make sure to winterize these systems ahead of freezing temps and winter frosts.

Locate the valves and turn off the water supply. Once the supply is off, turn the faucets to the on position to drain the lines. Leave the faucets on so any moisture build up can escape the lines throughout the winter months. Then, remove the shower head and store in a warm dry place until next season.

Pro Tip: Preparation now prevents required repairs ahead of outdoor living season next year. If you’re not sure how to properly winterize your systems, reach out to a trusted vendor or your installer to help you get the job done right! Grainda is always here to help.