Value is What it Means to You.


As Grainda’s Vice President, Jason Tanenbaum spends a lot of time creating value. Value engineering is not about getting the most for your money, it’s about getting the best for your money.

Jason says “Everyone has a budget, and in a perfect world, value engineering means eliminating extra cost in a project that brings no value to the client.”

Grainda’s personalized process focuses on three things: what is important to you, how you utilize the space in your home, and how to meet your budget.

Consider what is non-negotiable for you, what will improve efficiency, and be cost effective?

Nothing at Grainda happens in a silo. We don’t cut corners. We offer options for you to choose based on our experience and expertise.

Materials, fixtures, flow – all the details should balance and equal exactly what you want – a home that is safe, functional, and feels good.

“Value engineering isn’t a sacrifice; it’s about finding the best solution. It’s about presenting our clients with products or materials they might not be aware of. It’s not about choosing something that is different, it’s about leveraging everyone’s experience to create a solution that achieves the look, feel, and functionality that you want at the most efficient time and cost” concludes Jason.