How we create spaces for beautiful living.

Every client is different. Every project is different. Every lot is different.
One thing that is always the same: Grainda’s process.

Why? Because it works. The results speak for themselves; yes, we build beautiful homes, but more significantly we create spaces for beautiful living.


“Our primary goal is always to bring value to our clients, and the goals of the client dictate what the value is. Every project starts with a lot of conversations,” said Jason. We launch at a high altitude and then zoom in – asking questions such as how does the family function, what’s important to them today and in the future?

Once we establish a foundation of trust and understanding with our clients, we move forward with a Letter Of Intent. The Letter Of Intent signifies that we officially take responsibility for the planning of the project; unique in our industry, it is our formal bond and commitment to your building journey


Successful planning takes considerable time and effort, and through our process, we solidify our team in order to meet and exceed client expectations.

Way before we start building a home, we build our team. Based on the Letter Of Intent, we work to find the best vendors, many of whom we have worked with for decades, but also sometimes new trade partners who may have a specialized skill or have an innovative process that has caught our attention and we know is just who we need to make our client’s dreams come true.

“We are always listening. We are present at every meeting with all our vendors to help keep the project on budget; if changes or selections will have a significant impact on the budget, we partner with our client to make an educated decision about whether or not it’s something they really want.,” said Jason.

The goal is always to take the element of surprise out of the pricing. Especially in this market when pricing can be volatile, Grainda is superior at staying on top of changing timelines, pricing, and other market conditions.

Our team guides clients through product selections and design details while respecting the budget. Once the project plans (that include specifications and cost) are approved we transition into the building phase.


The process always reflects the scale of the project. Once the process transitions into the construction phase, all of our vendors are expected to function as one unified team,
whether they are installing a LED back-lit custom countertop, hand-laying a herringbone brick porch or converting an unused space into an inventive wine cellar.

Building a relationship with our clients and insisting on a unified approach allows us to navigate any challenges that may arise, and increases our opportunity to offer creative solutions while delivering exceptional value to our clients.

Our clients sum this up well saying about the Grainda process: “Grainda was able to incorporate what was super important to us and to our family into the design, we didn’t feel like we had to make sacrifices or change our style or remove things we loved from our home, they were just able to really elevate it and make it work for us.”