A foundation worth building on.

“Everyone on their team is very engaging and very helpful to work with on projects. Their projects are also very unique and challenging to work on, which makes for fun problem solving,” says Mike Beaver, longtime project partner.

Building homes is an artistic process. Being creative means adding value for the client, looking at things a different way and not accepting that the initial request
or response is the only way.

Having a creative mindset set allows the team to push for what will develop into a truly exceptional home and living experience for our client.

“We love teaming up with the client and the architect early on because architects always have these super cool huge visions which is so exciting for the client to see the end product. But, figuring out how we are going to build it and bring that to life is our job. A lot of the fun is in the problem-solving creating the final product that the architect and the client were envisioning,” says Jason.



Grainda worked hard to deliver on a client request for a backlit onyx wall before LEDs were readily available.

“We had to build-in the engineering and technical components to make it easy to service and maintain, but also look the way we wanted. We built the structure to support the stone and also match the vein in the stone, and make it thin enough to see the lights through it, but not too thin to crack the stone,” says Jason.



A great example of not accepting something just because it is the industry standard or the way that things have always been done, is shelving. An essential element of life that when designed properly is a real game changer.

“Shelving isn’t something people typically give a lot of thought too. But, over the years we’ve learned that the shelving is often too deep. We find that by shifting a door opening or shelving configuration we can maximize the layout to include even more functional space. I just love doing the pantry and creating the best solution for the client and it doesn’t even cost more, it’s just applying a different creative approach that makes it better,” says Jason.