Trend Watch


Families and improving the way they function in a home is at the heart of
everything we do. And, while many needs remain the same, many have changed.


Perhaps one of the biggest changes Grainda has seen over the years is the drop zone. Gone are the days where you may have had a laundry room off of the garage or typically entered straight from the garage into the kitchen.

Grainda excels in creating value for our client and this is a place that can definitely make or break a client’s day.

Families are requesting these spaces because they are so functional and convenient. There’s tons of creative storage that can be added.

“This is definitely an area that has taken hold in the last several years. So much about life these days focuses on convenience and these spaces are a great example of that. It’s a convenient spot to store all those every day items (shoes, bags, coats, dog
leashes) you need to grab on your way out the door and also helps keep ‘stuff’ from overflowing into the main living areas of the homes,” says Jason.


Shirts and shoes may still be required, but dining is going casual.

Replacing formal dining areas, is less about perceived luxury and more about enjoying life and doing what just makes sense.

  • A dining space where everyone can gather. Check.
  • A space that makes sense for every day and not just special occasions. Check.

Grainda focuses on the flow - open and connected entertaining spaces, instead of blocked-off spaces.

“A lot of our dining areas today flow into the kitchen and onto outdoor living areas, so it feels like one seamless space, but can still be used as individual spaces. It’s just so much more functional and gives the homeowner a lot of versatility. It is very different to when we first started and everything was choppy and segmented,” says Jason.


Similar to brass hardware, sculleries and prep kitchens are making a comeback.

It’s about more than wanting two kitchens – it’s about having a place and space for everything. Easy to access and in-reach when you need it, and out of sight when you don’t.

Sculleries and ‘back-of-house kitchens’ give our clients the space to prepare and entertain and options. We love giving options. It’s your home – you decide what people see and what they don’t.

“The pantry has become a custom storage space for homes - now families require storage for food, small appliances, a prep space, second refrigerator, a separate ‘dirty kitchen’ so you can prep, and keep the main kitchen as a ‘show kitchen’. And then the doors are hidden and concealed so to the naked eye you don’t even know it’s there,” says Jason.