A Collaborative Approach toBUILDING INNOVATION

Greetings From Grainda

Our 20th Anniversary Year provided much opportunity for our team to reflect on how far we have come, how much has changed - and how much about Grainda continues to stand the test of time.

More than anything, I think we can say that our approach to creating truly collaborative experiences for our clients, our project partners, and our team has remained a constant for us over the years. And, I believe this is a key contributor to the quality of work and innovative solutions we deliver.

You will see that idea carried throughout this issue. Innovation, especially in building, is not a singular task. It requires communication and collaboration at all phases of the project and a true dedication to the collective success of the team - and ultimately the project.

When I founded Grainda Builders in 2002 our core focus was bringing an attention to detail and appreciation for true craftsmanship to the custom home space. Over the years, myself and Jason Tanenbaum assembled a team that we felt could deliver just that.

As we look back on all that Grainda Builders has accomplished, we know we have much to look forward to in the decades ahead.

At Grainda Builders we pride ourselves on collaboration while constantly evolving our skills, process and techniques guided by smart and time-tested principles.

We approach building and maintaining our team the same way we do our projects; with integrity, respect and passion.

I am excited to share with you that Jason Tanenbaum has taken on the role of President and Managing Partner of Grainda Builders. I will be staying on as Founder, CEO and will be
focused on mentoring the next generation of Grainda’s builders and craftsman.

This transition is an exciting one for both our team and our clients and we are grateful for the continued opportunities we have to partner with you on incredible projects across the Charlotte area.


Jason TanenbaumPresident, Managing Partner
Joe GraindaFounder, CEO