Meet the Team at Beaver Brothers, Inc., one of our go-to HVAC partners for unique heating and cooling installs.

When it comes to luxury spaces with high-end amenities and down-to-the-last-detail design needs, the choice to make your home a haven of warmth is being increasingly delivered by radiant flooring and geothermal heat pump systems.



Geothermal systems use the variation between ambient outdoor temperatures and that of the ground -approximately 5 feet below the surface - where the temperature remains steady regardless of the season to transfer heat to your home through buried pipe systems (referred to as ground loops) and heat pumps installed indoors.

Depending on the temperature outside, heat is either drawn from the air or the ground and transferred into your home. This results in a convenient and energy efficient heating option suited for luxury builds of any scale.

We feel very fortunate to partner with one of the best in the heating and cooling business who are experts in radiant and geothermal heating, Beaver Brothers, Inc. HVAC. We recently worked with Mike Beaver and his team on an install at one of our custom homes which really showcases how this technology can be utilized in a residential space.


Hidden beneath the mostly-tiled floor throughout the first-floor area, Beaver Brothers, Inc. added radiant floor heating, resulting in an efficient and cost-effective solution that does not disturb the high-end aesthetic; achieved through invisible hardware and the elimination of bulky radiators.

In this particular system the heat is produced by waterlines in the concrete slab, which are heated by a boiler.


Working with the team at Beaver Brothers for the past 7 years, we’ve developed a reliable partnership that Grainda’s clients can count on. Owner, Mike Beaver shares our passion for this latest Lake Norman modern build,

“We loved this job so much not only because of the uniqueness of the building itself but the project really let us shine and use our expertise. Everyone on the Grainda team is very engaging and very helpful to work with on projects like this. Many of their projects are unique and challenging to work on, which makes for fun problem solving.”

We have to agree. At the end of a large build, it is the thoughtful details that set a project apart and this seamless style of heating is right at home here.