at home

We cannot overstate how much we love a creative challenge. The Grainda team has had some amazing opportunities recently to apply critical thinking towards innovative builds, and energy-efficient solutions.

If you have taken a drive, or boat ride, along the shores of Lake Norman recently, you may have noticed one of our projects. An expansive, modern home with a focus on entertaining and connected living spaces which presented our team with plenty
of opportunity to flex our creative thinking muscles, throughout the planning and building process.



Finding a place to store this client’s ‘big toys’ required some large scale, out-of-the-box thinking. Inspired by the industrial modern style of the home, a 50-foot HP hydraulic door - most often seen on airplane hangars - was installed to provide plenty of clearance for almost anything with wheels. For a final touch, the door will be outfitted with exterior panels making certain that the look of the home is consistent from all angles.

Some less sizable modes of transportation received special treatment in the build, as well. As part of the larger garage area, a second story motorcycle mezzanine was constructed to house a collection of bikes. A dedicated elevator lift allows for drive-in entry from the ground level with service directly to the mezzanine.



Certain aspects of the home and garage were included specifically to ensure that the outdoor space was integrated seamlessly into the overall layout of the home and its setting on the lakefront lot. Inside, large-paned windows using direct-set glazing and glass staircase railings allow for unobstructed views of the water.

In both the home and garage, large doors in the back open directly to the beach-entry pool and sunken outdoor seating/fire pit area; providing ample connectivity and flexibility for entertaining.

A breezeway between the main home and its substantial garage area gives optimum connectivity to the entire plan. The open-air structure fits right in with the style of the home and allows for yet another opportunity to take advantage of the gorgeous lake views.

Overall, this project highlights what happens when creativity and style meet with innovation and expertise. The mutual trust between Grainda and the client allowed for a successful collaboration on a home that both reflects the owner’s vision and the hard work and dedication put forth by everyone involved.