Lake Norman Oasis

Working with the Home Designer, this project has many features, some of which were a first for Grainda and a few that were driven by the client’s passion for renewable energy.

The house has 47 modules (solar panels) on the south facing side of the roof (it is a gable roofline with a steep pitch). This alone is energy efficient but our clients wanted to take things one step further, and incorporate three Tesla back-up batteries that store the excess solar energy.


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Because of the integration of the solar panels and coordinating appliances, a lot had to go into the upfront planning to make sure that the build could efficiently and effectively capture, store, and ‘reuse’ the energy to power the home, and to make sure there were backup systems in place.

The clients were also mindful about selecting sleek and compatible kitchen appliances that are energy efficient and could be integrated into the solar electric system of the home. The owners use an app on their mobile device to monitor how much energy is being generated and stored.

The kitchen is the gathering space of the home and features a quick-to-heat and easy-to-clean induction stove, dimmable recessed lighting, and custom-built pocket doors that lead to the scullery.



“Building smart is complex because in some cases it is cost prohibitive or the carbon footprint created by the installation or site prep for some systems actually outweigh the benefits of the product. We really like to think about things in terms of ‘smart’ building, meaning what can reduce the environmental impact while being mindful of your budget,” said Jason.

At Grainda we continue to see a shift toward renewable energy. Manufacturers are using more efficient electric products, such as water heaters and heat pumps, because electric is more compatible with renewable energy sources. You can easily convert solar or wind energy into electric power, which you cannot do for devices that need to be powered by fossil fuels.

It’s an exciting time to be in the custom- home industry, with advances in technology

and improving materials, the options are truly endless; the idea that Grainda can apply creative solutions to help a client build the space they’ve dreamed of is what gets us out of bed every morning.