Scandinavian Farmhouse Chic

We love sharing good design and we were thrilled to be featured in Peachy the Magazine’s Spring 2021 Design Issue.

These are the top four things we loved about this project designed by Ashley J Designs.

#1 – Pool and Porch Position

The home is located on the shores of Lake Norman so the porch was a must. The magic however is the placement of the pool on the lot; rather than the traditional rear-yard location, it is positioned on the left side of the home.

Working with challenging typography and the client’s desire for the pool to be on the main level of the home, the design team configured the driveway, and infinity pool so that there is easy access and easy-on-the-eyes views. The herringbone pattern brick is a nod to southern roots and provides visual interest in contrast to the surrounding lines of the pool deck and exterior of the home.

#2 – Drop Zone, Laundry and Chute

The drop zone, which also incorporates the laundry, has custom-built pocket doors and beautiful finishes.

“Grainda Builders was remarkably helpful with all the design details, they designed and built the sliding door that hides the washer and dryer, and created a laundry chute from the second floor that falls right into the hidden basket inside the laundry cabinet,” said the owner.

#3 – Master Bath

Minimalism doesn’t always equal less. In the master bath there is a vast sense of space.  “Note how the cabinet doesn’t run from the wall to shower – there’s an intentional gap which gives a sense that there is more than enough space,” said Ashley.

There is a lot of natural light. The owners can enjoy outdoor views from both the tub and shower which also creates an oasis vibe.

Ashley said “I find beauty in function and efficiency – space planning to make sure everything is maximized. When everything has a place, even behind closed doors it creates a peacefulness.”

#4 – Energy Efficient

The house has a gable roofline with a steep pitch. The roof has 47 solar panel modules on the south facing side of the roof, and three Tesla batteries that store solar energy. The owners use an app to monitor how much energy is being generated and stored.

By incorporating energy-saving techniques seamlessly into the design we were able to deliver to our clients a home built for today and a better tomorrow.