Trends We Like in 2021

At Grainda we tend to think of trends as innovations. Is there a new or better way? Is there a more efficient method that creates additional value for our clients? One thing we know for sure, expert construction, attention to detail, and quality never go out of style.

Outdoors Are In

No longer an area to banish rowdy football watchers, the outdoor patio, terrace, lanai, deck and even porches have reached new heights in functionality and relaxation.

Arguably long overdue – even pre-pandemic – an outdoor space is both an escape and a place to gather for a well-earned weekday evening cocktail or to enjoy a lazy Sunday in the sun.

Whether it’s a second kitchen, swim-up pool bar or a fireside retreat, outdoor spaces will continue to be the place to be in 2021.

We really like heaters in the ceiling which offer warmth and comfort making your outdoor area a year-round investment.

The Hue is Blue

In a year of adaption, Pantone has unconventionally announced not one, but two colors of the year.

The somewhat neutral ‘Ultimate Gray’, and the vibrant and peppy yellow, ‘Illuminating’.

The Pantone color in 2020 was ‘Classic Blue’, and Grainda design partner, Kari Molnar, says blues are here to stay. “Ocean blues are rolling in, and pops of orange are on the horizon. Cool whites will take a backseat to waves of warmer whites” predicts Kari.

We’re seeing people go bold with color in the kitchen. White cabinets have now become classic, and clients are being daring with navy, dark olive, and layering it up with similar-colored millwork.

Your Attention Please

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times… it’s all in the details. What works for you? What’s important to you? How do you move through your home? How do you want to live your life?

In 2021 it’s the custom details that will make a house a home; wine storage to make use of under-the-stairs space, a herringbone tile mosaic in the master shower, or a handcrafted double front door that welcomes guests and makes you feel like you’ve arrived.  

We All Shine On

Light transforms a room – whether it’s natural light gently tiptoeing across a bedroom in the morning, functional lighting that makes sure you’re dicing the carrots and not slicing your fingers, or innovative skylights that transport daylight inside.

In 2021, we are projecting to see a switch of perspective with a lot of sculptured floor and table lamps as well as overhead statement fixtures that look just as beautiful off as they do when they are on.

Host a Social Mixer

Modern contemporary will be major in 2021, but rustic modern will continue to hold strong when designed with authenticity, and soft cozy furniture.

Who’s on our dance card? Exposed beams, paneled walls and character grade wood flooring are continuing to have a moment. The belle of the ball will be earthier elements including wood waltzing with glass and metal.

Land of the Living

Real or faux, plants are always your friend. Natural elements, and any effort to bring nature indoors will be a movement in 2021. Organic materials, spirited shapes, and new ways to display plants is a welcome sight.

We are seeing handmade, artisan-crafted options that highlight the rawness and true origin of products and enhance the experience of living in a home.

We hope we’ve opened the door to few new ideas for you in 2021 and wish you a Happy New Year!