Inspired by you. Built by us.

In the realm of property improvement, potential is a powerful word. It’s the promise that lies within every structure and space, waiting to be discovered and brought to life. And it’s that potential lying just under the surface that makes each new renovation project an exciting and unique journey for the Grainda Builders team and our clients alike.

Over the years the team at Grainda Builders has honed our expertise in identifying and unlocking this potential, transforming existing spaces. Our recent Lake Norman home renovation is a testament to this unique approach.

Jason Tanenbaum, President and Managing Partner, puts it succinctly, “We touch every part and piece of the home. We deliver value by preserving the structure of the home, but we transform it into something completely new. So our client ends up with a “new” home with equity much greater when compared to building a home from scratch.”


Planning the Perfect Transformation

The original home was in good condition. The owners bought it with the intention of renovating, but lived in the home for a year or so before we started this project. This gave them a unique opportunity to “test drive” some specific traits of the home that helped inform some of the renovation and design decisions.

The lot’s view and location heavily influenced our renovation strategy. We focused on maximizing the number of rooms that overlooked the lake. We added rooms with water views, increased sizes of windows and sliding doors to allow for more views and natural light. We repurposed existing materials and spaces, breathing new life into them.

This renovation is a showcase of bespoke features, including an apartment with a private entrance in the three-car garage. This was seamlessly connected to the main house, providing easy access to various parts of the home. The use of custom cabinetry and built-ins facilitated ample concealed storage in key areas like the pantry, laundry, office, and kitchen. 

An innovative underdeck system enabled a smooth indoor-outdoor transition, while a three-story elevator added convenience. A game room, golf simulator space, and a bonus room in the finished attic further maximized the home’s spaces.


More Than a Renovation

However, this project was not just about adding custom features, but about reimagining the entire house with the lot and views in mind.

Jason explains, “We’re experts in whole-house renovations. The client moves out, and we move in. When they move back in, it’s a whole new home.” This process allows us to unlock the inherent value of the home, resulting in an end product that far exceeds its original state.

A significant advantage of our renovation approach is its financial feasibility. “With higher interest rates, people who have lower interest mortgages, don’t want to sell to get a new home. And with remodeling, they don’t have to,” says Jason.

At Grainda Builders, we don’t just build homes; we create visions. We understand the potential that lies within every property, and our job is to uncover it, to transform it, and to deliver a home that’s not only new but also deeply personal and valuable to our clients.