It’s always the right time for good design, and Kari Molnar takes the lead on interior design for the Grainda team. “I love the team mentality and working as a group from concept to completion,” said Kari.

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While many assume that interior design ‘comes last’ during the build process, it’s actually one of the first things considered in the initial stages. It’s a crucial part of understanding our client’s aesthetic and how they want to feel in their home.

It’s becoming common for custom builders to offer ‘interior design’ services, but having Kari as part of the team makes sure that the integration of style and function is seamless. “Having access to an interior designer takes the pressure off clients and enhances the collaboration between builder and client,” said Kari.


Kari’s approach involves having one foot in the world of details and one in the overall vibe. After the plans have been engineered, Kari sets a timeline for the selection of everything from finishes to furniture.

Describing the style of the home as ‘transitional with a low country vibe’, Kari kept this color palette crisp but not ‘coastal’, and let the architectural elements do a lot of the talking. “The clients love blues and neutrals. We wanted the inside and outside to flow seamlessly and added pops of color,” said Kari.


As part of her process, Kari discusses with clients what is important to them and what they would like to highlight, saying about the homeowner, “From the start of the project there was discussion around their art and book collection. It was an important part of the overall design to represent their passions.”


“Working as a team we were able to design spaces that are functional for a family that loves to entertain and also works for the many different ages of people who frequent the house,” said Kari.

The home has phenomenal views and being able to enjoy them was a top priority for the clients. Some of the best views are from the upper level, where Kari created three distinct areas that, like chapters of a book, tell one story while progressing the narrative from small and cozy for TV viewing to plenty of space to relax on the upper porch.

And, on a project like this there is also a lot of the ‘interior’ designer time spent on the outdoors. Kari created a true outdoor oasis.

“We wanted the outdoor living space to be super functional and flow with the interior color scheme, we established multiple entertaining zones that suit all generations of the family,” said Kari of Kari & Co. Interior Design.