Or did it ever go away?

Whether you’re considering shiny brass or brushed metal, golden shades have been present in our builds for twenty years.

When Grainda first started, we were removing a lot of brass. Now we receive requests to include it in the design.

Brass is a good gauge of what’s trending. However, timeless design is always on trend. Regardless of hardware and paint colors, a classic is made when the client and vendor relationship is strong. Because what is happening in the market doesn’t matter if you do not like it.

What is ‘trendy’ will come and go; what we ask is will you love this today and will it meet your needs tomorrow? Living in a home that is functional and beautiful will always be in style, but only if it truly is your style.

Our process and creativity is what sets us apart and has kept us busy over the past two decades. The integral part of the process is our relationship with
our client, and that starts with the first meeting.

Ashley Jimenez, residential building designer and longtime partner with Grainda agrees and says that’s it’s Grainda’s process that keeps their relationship solid and has ensured beautiful builds throughout the years:

“Grainda’s frontend process with the client is unlike any other that I have seen or experienced. We truly work as a team from day one to create a plan that not only meets the client’s needs, but also their budget. They are the only builder that I know that reviews my conceptual design and provides pricing to the client at the client’s first viewing of the plan. This puts the client in the driver’s seat on making decisions.”