Sourcing best-fit products for your vision.

A recent project demonstrated hands-on collaboration at its finest when our client made the request for an all-steel construction. After the Grainda method was initiated, the team discovered that what the client wanted was straight lines and walls throughout the home, and it was their understanding that this could only be achieved with steel.

Grainda worked with our client illustrating how cost-prohibitive steel can be, and presented another option – LVL lumber – that delivers the same results.

Listening and determining how best to serve the client is key. Focusing on figuring out the best solution for the timeline and budget is a huge part of what we do.

For ten years Beaver Brothers, Inc. have partnered with Grainda to bring their clients’ vision to life.

President, Mike Beaver says, this modern Lake Norman build was one of their favorites.

“We loved this job so much because of the uniqueness of the building itself but it really let us shine using our expertise in radiant floor heating as well as geothermal heat pump systems. One of the oldest types of comfort and one of the newest types on the same job.”


“We like to focus on understanding the why when a customer is asking for a specific product or aesthetic. Figuring out why they are asking for a specific, even an off-the-wall material is what we do best, and we love a challenge and the chance to be creative with our partners,” says Jason Tanenbaum, Vice President Grainda Builders.